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About Julianne

Julianne Hildebrand Winter (J.H. Winter) is based out of the Pacific Northwest. She is a member of SCBWI as an author and illustrator, writing for both middle grade and young adult audiences in the genre of fantasy. Her first published work as an illustrator, Theodore and the Enchanted Bookstore: Tale of the Spectacular Spectacles, was published in July 2017 by Incorgnito Publishing Press.

She has embedded her knowledge of crafting and illustration into the pages of her first middle grade fantasy story, Adeline and the Mystic Berries, envisioning a world in which artists have little to work with and no color to speak of.

She is currently working on polishing her first picture book, The Bookworm of Blackwood Briar. In this alliteration-filled story, one bookworm will discover that sometimes letting someone in is more important than all the stories ever written.

When Julianne isn't writing or illustrating, she is crafting up original crocheted amigurumi (plush toys) to share as free patterns on her blog, Ink & Stitches. She currently teaches how to crochet amigurumi through her many how-to videos on her Ink & Stitches YouTube Channel and enjoys any opportunity to help others learn the craft.

Julianne is growing her presence as an active member of social media. You can see what she's currently working on by heading over to her blog, Ink & Stitches, housed on her website: jhwinter.com. Along with her YouTube Channel, she can also be found on Twitter: @jhwinterauthor, Facebook: JHWinterAuthor, Instagram: jhwinterauthor, Goodreads: jhwinter, and Pinterest: jhwauthor.

J.H. Winter

My Projects

Tale of the Spectacular Spectacles

Theodore and the Enchanted Bookstore, Book One. By K. Kibbee, Illustrations by J.H. Winter

Living life as a bumbling breadbox with fur was hardship enough for Theodore the Corgi, but when the young dog finds himself cold and alone in a frightening animal shelter, it would seem he's fated for folly.

Labeled "unadoptable" by shelter staff, Theodore mires in the gloom until a kind-eyed stranger with a pocketful of handcrafted jerky and a quirky smile, rescues him with the intent of making Theodore the newest addition to his curious bookstore. Though overwhelmed at first, Theodore soon finds both his new friend and the odd bookstore are welcoming hosts, despite the Corgi's run of clumsy mishaps. And while Theodore's formerly dull and lonely life fades to memory, a new, adventurous one blooms before him - for hidden amongst the dusty stacks of books and things at the Enchanted Bookstore, waits a peculiar little man with a set of the most magical, Spectacular Spectacles imaginable.

The Bookworm of Blackwood Briar

Benny is a Bookworm who would much rather spend his time with his books than anywhere or with anyone else. His adventures are found in their pages and in finding them in the first place. In this children's picture book, Benny will discover that sometimes letting someone in is more important than all the stories ever written.

I am actively creating a book dummy and a few finished illustrations for this alliteration-filled story in order to get it ready to query an agent with. Looking forward to sharing more about Benny in the near future!

Adeline and the Mystic Berries

In order to change her destiny and the barren, colorless world, ten-year-old Adeline will have to unleash the last bit of magic.

Adeline's is a story written for a Middle Grade audience (9-12) for those who enjoy hopping into the pages of a book to worlds that aren't exactly our own. Where trees can talk and best friends can consist of a bat with albinism and a crow. Why not?

I have begun working on illustrations for the story which you can see samples of (pencil drawings only at this point) through my blog: Ink & Stitches. The world Adeline lives in is one where her imagination and craftiness knows no bounds and I find we have much in common, this young ten-year-old girl and I.

Adeline and the Mystic Berries took me nine months to write and years to edit, but is finally at the stage now where I am shopping it around to various literary agents to gain representation.

Origin of Ryn

Origin of Ryn is the first book in a trilogy for Young Adult audiences and like Adeline's story, belongs to the realm of Fantasy. The idea for Ryn's story has been percolating in my mind for a few years. When a friend of mine pushed me to take up pen and paper again, and join NanoWriMo 2015's challenge of writing 50,000 words in a month, I decided it was Ryn's story that needed to be told. In one month I wrote over 75,000 words and completed the first draft for the book.

Now Ryn's story will begin the long process of editing. This time, I'm confident it won't take years to complete!

The Art of Amigurumi

I have been a crocheting amigurumi (crocheted stuffed toys) for many years now. The same friend who pushed me this year to do NanoWriMo, many years ago showed me a crocheted doll someone had made for her and encouraged me to take up a new hobby. She reminded me of our library's vast collection of reference material on the subject and pulled the book off the shelves her doll had been made from to illustrate her point. Since she and I are both crafty in our own rights, I took this as not only a complement of what she felt I was capable of but also as a challenge to try something new.

It took me only a few years of making other amigurumi crafter's patterns before I decided to start writing up my own. The patterns I've created up to this point, have all been geek related characters, their concepts stemming from some of my favorite movies, anime, and video games. Now, I am planning to branch out and write my own books on how to create your very own amigurumi with unique characters and ideas that haven't been done before.